geri horner

The Spice Girl made pop culture history when she wore the flag on stage at the awards in 1997.
Featuring dodgy fashion, A-list stunts and a truly iconic speech from Geri Halliwell.
The Spice Girls star has dusted off her acting skills to play Elizabeth I, who she's hailed as a "Queen of Girl Power".
"Does she know what show she's on?" asked one fan, as Ginger Spice left her outrageous persona at home.
The two went through a "difficult" period after Mel B claimed she and Geri had a one-night stand in the 1990s.
Spice Girls star Geri Horner is also set to appear in the BBC Three show.
She's branded the reports "disappointing", "hurtful" and "not true".
Mel was apparently keen to smooth things over, after her bombshell interview with Piers.