20/01/2016 07:34 GMT | Updated 20/01/2016 07:59 GMT

SNP MP Mhairi Black Turns 'Lesbian' Insult Into Call For Better LGBT Rights

Mhairi Black has stood up for LGBT rights and online safety after being called a "carpet munching bull dyke" by a Twitter troll.

The 21-year-old SNP MP was facing abuse after replying to a thread where controversial columnist Katie Hopkins asked if one of Black's colleagues had taken a shower.

People replying to the picture involved Mhairi Black's twitter handle in their conversation, with one person describing her as "A gruff old lezzer".

Unexpectedly, the politician replied, and corrected the spelling of her name.

"It's 'Mhairi'. At least spell the name right when you're insulting the gruff, rather young lesbian*" she wrote.

Black, after receiving a "sort of" apology from the Twitter troll, then took the opportunity to give a masterclass on appropriate LGBT terms.

Black then took to advising her followers that the sort of abuse she received is not normal and not okay, speaking out on LGBT rights on Twitter, for what appears to be the first time.

"For any gay women who see or receive abuse like this, please know, it's not normal and it's not okay," she wrote.