mhairi black

MPs laughed, applauded and shouted "more" after her demolition of the deputy prime minister.
"They’re happy to take all of the profits, hoard them and then turn to the taxpayer when it all goes tits up," the SNP MP said.
Party's deputy Westminster leader, who married her wife last year, said she was “incredibly hurt” by her colleague's comments.
“If life experience was the qualifier to get into parliament, then we wouldn’t have the prime minister we have."
Labour leader rubbishes SNP allegation he has 'sold his soul' over issue.
SNP MP also hits out at Labour leader for having peers in his cabinet and says Boris Johnson 'emboldened' racists and Theresa May must go.
SNP politician spoke in a debate on misogyny and hate crime.
'Don’t tell us you’re different then still sign up to waste billions of pounds on nuclear weapons.'