Labour Councillor Matt Strong Confesses On Twitter After Burying Wrong Cat In Garden

A Labour councillor has written an embarrassing confession on Twitter, revealing a cat killed in a hit-and-run accident that he buried in his garden did not actually belong to him.

Matt Strong tweeted: "Well this is awkward, the cat buried in the garden isn't mine, looks exactly like him but Gus is alive and well."

Strong mistook a cat killed in a road accident on Monday for his own grey tabby named Gus.

Strong originally thought his own cat had been killed

He then realised his "awkward" mistake

"If you drove a silver Golf along Barlow Moor Road and didn't bother to stop after hitting him then you are a scumbag," Strong wrote when he found the body of the deceased feline.

It was only around two and a half hours later when he wrote on Twitter again, searching for the owners of the cat buried within his garden.

Strong told Manchester Evening News: “The cat looked extremely like my cat even down to its markings. Even fight marks, it was probably fighting with my cat.

“I buried it in my garden. Then my cat was alive and well in my kitchen.

“I feel really bad for whoever it belongs to. I know exactly how they will feel.

“It goes to show how fast cars go along Barlow Moor Road.”

Strong was elected Labour councilor for Chorlton ward in 2011.