Donald Trump's '5 Stages Of Grief' After Iowa Caucus Loss Documented In Tweets

Trump Tweets 5 Stages Of Grief Backwards After Iowa Defeat

Donald Trump - the man who was supposed to be taking the Republican's road to the White House by storm - suffered a humiliating defeat to rival Ted Cruz at Tuesday's Iowa caucus.

It must be hard to reconcile getting beaten to first place if you're the sort of guy who tweets things like "No-one remembers who came in second". Hindsight's a wonderful thing, isn't it Donald?

But just how exactly is Mr Trump coping with that bittersweet taste of initial defeat? While the millionaire property magnate still has many more states to canvass before his true fate is revealed, it's fair to say he hasn't been taking the Iowa loss at all well.

He's been navigating the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and, finally, acceptance - but in a rather bizarre style.

As with anything when it comes to a man who has defied the convictions of every American pundit, Trump's grief closure process hasn't been that simple. It seems he's doing it in reverse!

5. Acceptance

At his address to adoring fans following the Iowa result, the 69-year-old delivered an unusually humble concession speech.

"They said don't [go to Iowa]. I said I have to do it, and we have finished second. And I want to tell you something: I'm just so honoured," he said.

In a post later that day on Twitter, Trump sounded satisfied and said his time in the state which often elects the candidate who goes on to win an official nomination from the Republican Party was a "great" one.

4. Depression

Next, Trump turned sad and reflective.

He began lamenting that that old target of politicians' animosity, 'THE MEDIA', had selfishly covered his "long-shot great finish" unfairly.

3. Bargaining

He then moved on to desperation, clutching at straws and saying voters had not given him any credit for self-financing his campaign.

"I will keep doing it," he vowed (to everyone's disappointment), "but not worth it".

2. Anger

Never one to let his fiery temper rest for long, Trump quickly turned his sights on Cruz, the Texas Senator who won Iowa's Republican delegates election. (And, incidentally, someone whose politics are just as terrifying as Trump's.)

He blasted Cruz for delivering too long and rambling a victory speech, branding it the man's "Howard Dean moment", in reference to a former Democrat candidate who delivered a scream-ridden address upon coming third in Iowa back in 2004 that effectively ended his presidential hopes.

1. Denial

Less than 24 hours after "acceptance", Trump regressed to stage one. He proceeded to blame Cruz for having "illegally stole" the election then swiftly deleted the tweet. Not before it had garnered a few hundred re-tweets.

In a speedily re-hashed version, Trump excluded the "illegal" allegation, but repeated the gist of the denial that he had lost fair and square.

Get ready for plenty more of this folks: There are still 49 states to canvass.

And plenty of time for 'The Donald' to have all sorts of grievous meltdowns in full view of his six million Twitter followers.


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