15/02/2016 07:39 GMT | Updated 15/02/2016 08:59 GMT

Martin Shkreli, America's 'Most Hated Man', Says He's Lost Millions In Kanye West Bitcoin Heist

What goes around, comes around.

Martin Shkreli, the shamed former drugs baron who unscrupulously hiked the price of life-saving medicines, appears to have fallen victim to a multi-million dollar Bitcoin fraud.

Over the weekend, Shkreli approached rapper Kanye West on Twitter with an offer of $10m to become sole owner of his upcoming album.

It appears behind-the-scenes negotiations between Shkreli and a person purporting to represent the 'Gold Digger' star began soon after.

Things quickly took a turn for the worse when Shkreli alleged his credit card information had been leaked and as much as $15m in Bitcoin stolen by the fraudsters.

There is yet to be official confirmation of the alleged crime.

Shkreli was hauled before politicians in America earlier this month, accused of hiking drug charges and "price gouging".

Despite members of congress launching a stinging rebuke of the businessman's practices, he refused to answer the committee’s questions, preferring to rant on Twitter afterwards about the “imbeciles” in Congress.


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