EU Referendum: Boris Johnson Brandishing A Brick To Call For Brexit Has Left Everyone Confused

Boris Johnson is famed for being proudly papped in scenarios other politicians would cringe at. Think man stuck suspended 20-feet off the ground on a zip-wire.

But a bizarre picture of the London Mayor, who this week came out for the 'Leave' EU cause, is being used as official imagery to promote Britain's exit from the 28-member pack.

A stern-faced Boris appears on a campaign poster released by Leave.EU, one of the bodies calling for 'Brexit' ahead of the referendum, brandishing a brick!

Stood alongside the Westminster hardman are George Galloway and Nigel Farage. The ‘stay’ line-up boasts Jeremy Corbyn, David Cameron and Tony Blair.

The bizarre campaign poster in full

Confused why campaigners chose the Boris brick picture? You're not alone.

Many commentators on social media couldn't struggles to fathom the rationale behind that particular photo of the Uxbridge bruiser.

Some mused about the motivation voters might have for switching sides to the 'Out' cause after they were dazzled by the poster's compelling campaign case.

The photo is actually from Johnson's 2014 address to delegates at the Conservative Party conference.

As if the story couldn't get much stranger, he spent most of his speech talking to the brick he produced on stage, telling it that it "would not be alone", an attempt to promote the party's commitment to housing stock growth.

The original picture

A spokesperson for Leave.EU seemed perplexed there was any interest in the picture, telling HuffPost UK: "It's just a picture of Boris."

"I don't see anything to it...

"Quite aside from the brick."