Alan Mak

Conservative MP for Havant

Conservative MP for Havant

Why Britain Can Lead The Fourth Industrial Revolution

As a new revolution accelerates, we can be confident that if we follow the lessons of history and have the support of government, Britain has the entrepreneurial spirit and talent to master the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the same way we mastered the first.
13/09/2016 10:14 BST

Gen Y in the Boardroom

Generation Y's entrepreneurs have received well-deserved publicity of late, most notably Nick D'Aloisio's sale of Internet start-up Summly to Yahoo! And HuffPo has led the way in showcasing the full breadth of Gen Y talent from the catwalk to the kitchen. But there's another place where Gen Y leaders are also starting to make a big impact: the corporate boardroom.
28/06/2013 16:05 BST