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Alexandra Ratcliffe

Teacher, writer, blogger

Born and educated in New York, Alex has worked in education in the U.S, Australia and the UK. A graduate in English and French Secondary Education, she is also a qualified teacher of the deaf. Alex has taught English, Maths, Geography and History and has written innovative cross-curricular, values-based programmes linking Politics and Government, Geography and Citizenship. She has studied psychology, philosophy, comparative religions and international affairs and is a member of the UNA-UK and avid supporter of the work of the United Nations. Passionate about education, inclusive democracy, global human rights, and those things which universally unite us. A realist and optimist.
Why The Spirit Of Dunkirk Does Not Equal

Why The Spirit Of Dunkirk Does Not Equal Brexit

Glorious isolationism? Studying history, science, nature, anything, you will look hard to find anything or anyone that is not connected to something or someone else, and instead works in isolation, going it alone.
26/07/2017 15:22 BST
Shaking Hands: It's What We Do In Civilized

Shaking Hands: It's What We Do In Civilized Society

Communicating and connecting, cross-culturally and across borders and boundaries, is what keeps us human and moving forward. Division, hate, disrespect due to differences, tears us apart and moves us back, into darker times, taking us down the rabbit hole which ends we know not where. In the end, this kind of negative trajectory affects everyone negatively; even Presidents .
20/03/2017 15:32 GMT
Amidst The Chaos, Seeds Of Hope: The United Nations, the Sustainable Development Goals, And World Good

Amidst The Chaos, Seeds Of Hope: The United Nations, the Sustainable Development Goals, And World Good Will

What can we do? We can will our time, money and attention towards this, this quality in human nature, in our own natures, in these institutions, and the untold and unsung millions working for the greater good. Thus, we and our children may yet see the time when the phoenix rises from the ashes. So, do take that thought into your day with your morning coffee. Where there's a will, we may still find the way.
22/11/2016 11:48 GMT
Now America Decides: Is This Just The End Of The

Now America Decides: Is This Just The End Of The Beginning?

The Dalai Lama has called for the 21st century to be the century of dialogue. Let's hope that continued dialogue, peaceful demonstration, a seeking of solutions, rationality, a desire for healing, and a huge dose of patience and goodwill survive this election. On November 8th and thereafter, America chooses. Make it a good choice.
20/10/2016 13:16 BST
Your Country Needs You, Like,

Your Country Needs You, Like, Now

Your country needs you, now. It needs you to not roll up in that polling booth and 'go with your gut instinct'. It's given you a heavy responsibility, one you might like to say "no thanks" to, but there it is anyway, weighing on your shoulders. Your country needs you to take a deep breath after the vitriolic debates of so many months, after the horrors of last week, after the despair and pain and confusion. Your country needs you to think clearly. So think.
21/06/2016 17:12 BST
The EU Referendum for

The EU Referendum for Dummies

Have we had that book yet? Has it come through the post with all the other pieces of paper now lying on your kitchen table? Have you attended the town hall discussions and asked all your questions?
26/05/2016 11:06 BST
Dancing with Strictly's Giovanni

Dancing with Strictly's Giovanni Pernice

The adorable Giovanni Pernice of Strictly Come Dancing fame (yes, he is every bit as handsome and charming in real life as he appears in photos and on screen) gave a Master Class in Latin dancing last Friday night, very well attended, and so much fun, in the beautiful setting of Karen Hardy Studios... and I was there!
05/04/2016 13:49 BST
Rest and Recoup: A Sweet Spot in

Rest and Recoup: A Sweet Spot in Sweden

Hillesgarden near Helsingborg, Sweden, is different things to different people: a beautiful park with a lake and delightful walks amidst herbal gardens, a splendid restaurant serving delicious, wholesome food which is famous for miles around, a conference centre with a lecture hall, a retreat centre, a guest house, as well as a health centre for therapies and healing.
03/11/2015 12:37 GMT