Alice Grist

Author, Feminist, Mother

Award winning and acclaimed author of popular non-fiction modern spirituality books. Her latest book, Dirty and Divine is to be published in March 2017. Alice is currently working on her new book, Woman.

Spiritual Weight Loss In Four Easy Steps

How about this instead? Maybe the desire to be 'less' is a state of delirium imposed on you by a society that wishes to sell you anxiety. When you buy into that anxiety you become a pawn. One who lives out his or her life beholden to your own bodily parts.
05/01/2017 13:17 GMT

Ten Tips For Cliche-Free Spirituality

New age spiritual language has become a bog of well meaning terms that in effect mean whatever you need or want them to need, or, in fact, nothing. As much as we all want to be the light, find our truth and let it all go, whilst mantra-ing our ass down to the local yoga dojo, it's sometimes not that simple.
18/02/2016 12:06 GMT

Bad Girl Tarot - Intuition V Ego - Lesson Three

The beauty of tarot is that it provides a tool that distracts you sufficiently to remove your mind from the whirling howls of ego, and leads you towards a quieter, wiser, softer voice; that of your intuition.
22/01/2015 11:20 GMT

Bad Girl Tarot Card and Guidance for the Week - 15 January

Tarot reading is an art that anyone can indulge. The magic of tarot lays not in the cards, but in how they help you to access your intuition. Whilst I love to read for others, my greatest joy comes with enabling others to read for themselves.
16/01/2015 11:19 GMT

Cultivating Love in the Face of Terror

Decide not to fume and vent against the world, the window cleaner, your boss or the kids. Just be. Be still. Allow life to arise around you, and if you invest yourself in anything, let it only be things that bring love to the surface of your heart and soul.
12/01/2015 16:32 GMT

Is Your Problem Actually a Solution?

The cold weather that meant you had to change into a warmer coat, which then made you late. And who knows what this little delay in your schedule caused you to miss, maybe a bad bout of traffic, maybe an accident? Perhaps as the result of this you met a lady at the bus stop who you wouldn't usually see. Maybe she inspired you?
07/01/2014 13:05 GMT

How to Handle Toddler Tantrums in Adults!

Tantrums are not something we really grow out of. We simply learn to act differently within them. But the solutions remain the same. As adults witnessing tantrums the most loving and spiritual thing we can do is to be a beacon of love and patience.
09/12/2013 15:27 GMT

Controlling Your Chaos - Start Stopping

Sometimes chaos and manic woo woo is the most attractive thing in our lives. It is seemingly the driver that pushes us forward. We throw ourselves into turmoil for the sheer purpose of feeling something, experiencing something and, we hope, to make things change for the better.
09/12/2013 15:11 GMT

Creating Space to Be Inspired

Inspiration is a mythical beast isn't it! We can search for decades to find it, trolling our inner depths and taking on massive outward adventure. It can be as elusive as a once trodden upon grass snake. Then it hits. Right when you aren't looking for it.
24/10/2013 10:29 BST

Ten Ways to Get to Know Your Unborn Baby

I spent most of my pregnancy in some form of unity with baby. She was always at the heart of everything I did, even if I was doing nothing or was consumed by a task. Alongside this I made sure I had special time for exclusive bonding. And you know what, it worked. When baby arrived I felt I knew her.
31/07/2013 16:55 BST

Are You 'Baby Ready'? How to Have a Soulful and Transformative Pregnancy

Being 'baby ready' is so much more than purchases and the inevitable pushing. You can make heartfelt attempts to sort your self out. You can do a whole lot of growing up. You can deal with your inner issues, your angers, your resentments, your bitterness, your issues with your parents, your addictions etc
03/06/2013 12:59 BST

Sex, Boobs and Spirituality... A Rant

The facts are there. Women have not achieved full equality because we are still objectified beyond belief. The rise of the Internet and the huge, gigantic market for pornography has left us more exposed than ever as the sex objects society likes us to be.
10/12/2012 14:43 GMT

Gay Adoption Is Not Abusive But Mr McKenzie of UKIP Your Beliefs Are

We live in a society replete with divorce and as such any extra bit of kissing may well do some to enhance a child's experience of life and of caring, trusting relationships. Kissing in front of a child does not amount to abuse. That abuse is only visible if you are wearing the blinkered shades of fear, hatred and prejudice.
29/11/2012 08:29 GMT

Soulful Momma Notes Five Months In... Being Confident

I've been a mother five months and I'm strangely confident. Maybe it's not so strange. Perhaps I'm hard wired for it. In my extensive experience thus far I have learned how important confidence really is for a new momma.
01/11/2012 16:03 GMT

There Are No Mistakes

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted, no, they were overdubbed by an intrusion. The intrusion (of unknown source as I was alone) quite loudly and clearly stated: There are no mistakes.
11/09/2012 14:41 BST