Anastasia de Waal

Policy analyst

Anastasia de Waal is Deputy Director and Director of Family and Education at the think tank Civitas. Anastasia is a qualified primary school teacher, specifically trained for inner-city teaching and with experience of teaching in London’s East End. A regular contributor to broadcast and print media, her publications include Inspection, Inspection, Inspection, Second Thoughts on the Family and Inspecting the Inspectorate. Anastasia is Chair of Family Lives and a board member of Women’s Parliamentary Radio and recently launched the pilot for a new charitable project, the Visiting Women at Work Programme, which takes inner-city primary school girls to meet women in their workplace.

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Pushed Towards

Pushed Towards Porn?

The relationship between sex and reproduction, and respect for one's body and for consent, cannot reasonably be considered contentious topics and therefore avoided. What is more, we're hearing from charities like TeenBoundaries, whose work strives to plug the current gaps in sex education, that a lack of basic information on sex is sending young people to pornography for the answers.
26/11/2013 22:34 GMT
A-levels: Higher Grades, Missing the

A-levels: Higher Grades, Missing the Point?

August in England may not guarantee sun but it never fails to deliver the annual A-level pantomime: highest ever grades shot down by retorts of lowest ever standards.
19/08/2011 00:05 BST
Is the Rise in SATS Results Actually bad

Is the Rise in SATS Results Actually bad News?

The bottom line is that if primary school tests are being prepared for, neither test nor teacher is doing their job properly. The preparation for primary school tests should be primary school itself.
04/08/2011 23:00 BST