Arran Rice

Founder of Wizzed Media

Arran Rice is a 17-year-old entrepreneur based in Cheshire. Starting his company, Wizzed Media, in 2011, from his bedroom, he has developed more than 500 websites and 200 apps.

Arran employs eleven members of staff who are based around this world and his online network reaches up to 60 million people each month. His portfolio is continuing to grow at an incredible rate.

The websites are mainly entertainment based with shareable bite sized content. Although his future plans include moving into the mobile gaming market as well as the possibility of launching websites in India and Nigeria – both growing internet markets.

He manages to run his empire while attending college five days a week where he is currently studying geography, IT and business. Arran believes in a work life balance and enjoys cycling and running in his spare time as well as travelling.
Why Not Going to University Isn't the End of the

Why Not Going to University Isn't the End of the World

I would say to people not to rush when deciding what to do with your future - if you need to take a year to figure out your next step don't feel pressured not to do that. And don't go to university just because people expect you to.
07/01/2016 17:40 GMT