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Benedict Cooper is a freelance journalist based in the UK, covering travel, politics, social affairs and more. His writing has appeared in the British national newspapers, various trade journals, consumer magazines and online.
Scotland: A Dream

Scotland: A Dream Unravels

In the end it was all over with a whimper, and two years of anticipation unravelled in a couple of hours. In the club we had fallen into on Niddry Street in the centre of Edinburgh, somewhere after midnight, crowds that would usually be bouncing off the walls in raucous revellry were clustered underneath TV screens, staring up as the results came in.
22/09/2014 13:23 BST
Life Between the Rock And the Hard

Life Between the Rock And the Hard Place

Talking to Mohammed over a coffee a few days after the meeting, he praised Dr Musharraff for a lifetime serving Muslims in Nottingham. But I sensed, though he is far too gracious to spell it out, Mohammed believes that the next generation needs to be more direct and actually start dictating the discussion - a luxury never really available to Dr Musharraff.
04/07/2013 10:34 BST