Caroline Menzies

Travel blogger & documentary filmmaker from London

Travel blogger and documentary Producer / Director with a passion for hip hop, startups, social enterprise and being nomadic whilst giving back. I write a little travel blog called by day job is making films for Lonely Planet, BBC, Nat Geo and ITV.
Backpacking Solo? You'll Need To Learn To 'Travel

Backpacking Solo? You'll Need To Learn To 'Travel Ditch'

Unless you're socially inept, travel ditching doesn't come naturally to most people but it's a valuable skill to have when backpacking and can make your trip infinitely more enjoyable if you learn to politely extract yourself from the company of unwanted travel buddies. Who knows, maybe they're trying to travel ditch you too.
15/05/2017 11:08 BST
Why Travel Is Better Than Bereavement

Why Travel Is Better Than Bereavement Therapy

A couple of months into my trip, it was the anniversary of Laurens' death. It was a difficult day and speaking to his Mother made me long to be commemorating the day with them. That night, I slept in the desert in Jaisalmer, and let myself cry for him and all he was missing out on. But as I gazed up at the stars, I was reminded that whist he'll always be the brightest star in my sky, the universe still has a lot to offer me.
02/05/2017 15:19 BST