Catherine Wiltcher

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Catherine is 37 and lives in the West Country with her husband and two young daughters.

Catherine is a romance author who started Kids Versus Copy in 2016 to blog about the realities of modern family life and the chaos that comes with being a mum who spends her days dreaming up plot lines.

Kids Versus Copy touches on subjects that are important to Catherine and her daughters. She also blogs about her recent Stage 3 bowel cancer diagnosis, as well as living with PND and Interstitial Cystitis (IC), a chronic medical condition that she is hoping to raise awareness of.

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How Cancer Changed My Marriage

Someone once told me that a cancer diagnosis makes or breaks a marriage. Having survived five months of major surgery and chemotherapy I'm happy to say that mine is still very much intact. There have been moments though, particularly during those long, interminable hours on my local chemo unit, when our rock-solid foundation has developed fissures and flaws.
15/11/2017 17:00 GMT

Every Three Weeks I Let Cancer Win A Battle

Sometimes I imagine my cancer as a stationmaster. A faceless man striding up and down the platform, checking his watch and blowing his whistle before The Last Train For Survival inches away.
08/10/2017 19:57 BST

Love Is All Around Us (Even In My Chemo Unit)

Richard Curtis once wrote that, 'love is everywhere', and none more so than at the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. I disagree. You'll find more love in my local chemo unit, but it's a different sort of love. It's deeper somehow. More evolved. Tinged with sadness but always driven by an overriding sense of hope.
29/09/2017 11:25 BST

Bowel Cancer At 37 Is Something To Shout About

Chances are you don't have bowel cancer but wouldn't you rather know? Caught early and you're looking at a complete cure. Caught later and the odds for survival start tumbling. To prevent that I'm willing to be your comfort blanket. I'll repeat my symptoms over and over again to anyone who wants to listen if it means that fewer young adults are diagnosed late. Please don't be embarrassed. Visit your GP and keep returning if needs be. It might be the most important call you ever make.
22/09/2017 12:16 BST

Cancer: A Series Of Compromises I Don't Want To Make

Then there are the ones that cut really deeply, like the immovable oncology appointment that means I won't be able to pick Jess up after her first day next Monday, not to mention the months and months of watching my children's faces dissolve into tears when I tell them that I can't play with them again because I'm feeling poorly.
01/09/2017 13:39 BST

Living With Cancer: To My Husband This Father's Day

Our girls are so lucky to have you as their father. Of all my life choices, you are the best. Many would have walked away. You stay because that's the sort of man you are, not out of a sense of duty but because the thought of leaving never even crosses your mind.
16/06/2017 17:21 BST

I'm A Mum. I Don't Have Time For Cancer

If cancer is cruel then waiting for those results was pure malevolence. But I'm a mum so life went on. I clicked into autopilot - dropping the kids off at school, running errands, supervising homework. I never once let on to my children that my life was hanging in the balance.
07/06/2017 17:10 BST

The Night My Daughter Called Out For Daddy, Not Me

It's the harshest of penalties, and I place the blame squarely on society's shoulders. More specifically, the default setting that generations upon generations of women have adhered to - the mother, the <em>carer</em>. There's no point chucking another 'e' at the middle of that word.
14/05/2017 17:33 BST

The Roots Of My Postnatal Depression

Friends talk fondly about time spent with their new babies. They complain about sleep-deprivation and 'new parent panic' but there's always warmth and affection in their voices. It makes me wistful. It sometimes makes me sad.
27/03/2017 15:27 BST

My Daughter's Pain Is My Pain

I recognised myself in Emily the moment she was placed on my chest. It was there in her eyes and in the shape of her mouth. Six weeks later she had my smile. My genes dominated her features, and when she grew into an inquisitive toddler I realised we shared many of the same personality traits too.
16/03/2017 16:18 GMT

My Three Year Old Needs Glasses: Why Am I So Upset?

I took the children for their first eye test last week. On reflection, I was more concerned about toddler meltdowns than the end result, and we were all looking forward to piling into a cafe afterwards for two babyccinos and a (self-congratulatory) mummy latte.
13/03/2017 15:26 GMT

Interstitial Cystitis: Living With Chronic Illness

As for me, I refuse to be defined by these ugly, abbreviated conditions that keep invading my life. So I say bring on the colonoscopy, bring on the sigmoidoscopy. I'm ready for you, chronic illness No.2.
09/03/2017 16:54 GMT