Oh My God Wayne Rooney Who Literally Actually Cares If He Did Some Drinking?

If you've been fortunate enough to miss the story, here's a quick recap: Wayne Rooney went out and got drunk. That's it. Seriously, that's it. There was no 'on the eve of a match' angle, he didn't do anything illegal, he didn't get frisky with anyone, he just... got drunk. A week before his next match.
17/11/2016 12:13 GMT

All Eyes on the Managers - Who Will Win the Game of Dugouts?

For the first time in a long while - if ever - there's almost as much anticipation surrounding the battle between half a dozen different managers next season as there is around the players. It's... well, it's all gone a bit <em>Game of Thrones</em>, hasn't it? Fractured followings, disputed kings, all vying for one ultimate prize - which they all know they can't hold forever.
02/06/2016 16:36 BST

Just How Important Is Saturday's FA Cup Final for Manchester United and Louis Van Gaal?

Manchester United's Premier League season is (finally) over, and there's only the FA Cup standing between the entire world and finding out whether Louis van Gaal is getting the boot this summer. Jose Mourinho insists he doesn't know. Van Gaal says he's staying, but... well, he would. Ed Woodward is busy trying to figure out how fax machines work, so we're not getting an answer out of him any time soon.
18/05/2016 17:48 BST

Arsenal's Season - Disastrous or Merely Disappointing?

Unless there is a seismic change at the Emirates in the summer - and that looks unlikely as things stand - then Arsenal fans should probably gear up for another season or two of being good, but not quite good enough. Hardly an inspiring message, but maybe that's fitting. Arsenal haven't exactly been an inspiring team of late.
28/04/2016 17:14 BST

Zlatan's Big Summer Decision: Who Cares?

There'll be fanfare when The Decision is eventually made, but Zlatan's no peak-era LeBron. Who cares about where Zlatan moves? Perhaps not even the man himself. The journey, and the attention, may be more important than the destination.
30/03/2016 16:59 BST

Liverpool Are a Club Torn Between Their Past and Their Future

It might chafe at Liverpool fans to hear it, but they could do a lot worse than to look to Spurs as a guiding light. The Reds have done the 'overhaul' part of the job over and over again, but they've never stuck around long enough to put in the 'patience' part of the equation.
23/03/2016 16:57 GMT

Leicester's Incredible Evolutions Will Make Them Worthy Title Winners

If Leicester win the Premier League this season - and it looks as though they will - it'll be because they've been the best team in almost every single aspect of the game, and they've adapted to each situation that's been thrown at them like a bunch of freaky human-chameleon hybrids.
17/03/2016 20:39 GMT