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Chris Leslie

Labour MP for Nottingham East, former Shadow Chancellor

Chris Leslie joined the Labour Party when he was fifteen years old, angry at the damage caused by the Thatcher government. Ever since then he has been an active Labour member , fighting against inequality, disadvantage and unfairness. <br> <br> Chris was a councillor on Bradford Council for four years from 1994-1998 and then in 1997 was elected as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Shipley, a Tory ‘stronghold’ in Yorkshire where he overturned a Conservative majority of 12,000. Chris represented Shipley in Parliament for eight years, narrowly losing his seat by 400 votes in 2005. <br> <br> During that time Chris held several positions in the Labour Government. From 2001-2002 he was a Minister in the Cabinet Office heading up civil service policy matters, civil contingencies and emergency planning. <br> <br> From 2002-2003 Chris was Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister with responsibilities for local government and regions policy. <br> <br> Following this he spent two years as a Minister in the Department for Constitutional Affairs with responsibility for the courts and elections policy. <br> <br> On losing his Shipley seat in 2005 Chris took up the post of Director at the New Local Government Network, a local government research organisation which campaigns for the devolution of power from Whitehall to town halls and local communities. <br> <br> Chris was a trustee of a national debt advice charity, CCCS (Consumer Credit Counselling Services) until the end of 2010, helping people in debt and campaigning for fairer treatment from the financial services industry. <br> <br> Since 5th May 2010 Chris Leslie has been the Member of Parliament for Nottingham East and he is currently Shadow Financial Secretary to the Treasury. <br> <br> He is married to Nicola and has a baby daughter.
Looking Down the Track of the Brexit

Looking Down the Track of the Brexit Rollercoaster

If you think Brexit is a rollercoaster so far, we've only just started the ride. And the eerie silence you hear from Government as we supposedly gear up to the big negotiations doesn't bode well either. We're going to have to brace ourselves for turbulent times and face up to some pretty fundamental questions.
11/08/2016 10:07 BST
We'll Call Out the Tory Lie

We'll Call Out the Tory Lie Machine

The Tory Lie Machine is desperate to distract attention from the fact that they've raised taxes 24 times, and that tax and benefit changes since 2010 will leave the average household £974 a year worse off by the time of the next election - while giving millionaires a tax cut. But when they choose to lie about Labour's plans, we're going to call them out on it.
01/08/2014 17:47 BST
NOW It's Official: Britons Are Worse Off Under the

NOW It's Official: Britons Are Worse Off Under the Tories

George Osborne spoke for 55 minutes on Wednesday afternoon but, amid the bluster and the boasts, failed to mention the cost of living crisis even once. Instead, this out-of-touch Chancellor used the Budget to claim that everything is going smoothly, when we all know he has missed his targets on growth, living standards and on balancing the books by 2015.
21/03/2014 10:54 GMT
The Autumn Statement - A List of Failures Dressed Up as

The Autumn Statement - A List of Failures Dressed Up as Victories

After three wasted years, we have had another day of complacency from George Osborne. All we heard in a speech of nearly an hour was more evidence of the cost of living crisis and a few misplaced boasts about the state of the economy, despite the fact that this is no recovery at all for millions of families.
06/12/2013 07:46 GMT
Britain Needs a Plan for Economic

Britain Needs a Plan for Economic Growth

An unprecedented triple-dip recession has been averted, but yesterday's lacklustre growth figures mean our economy is simply back to where it was six months ago. This continues the overall picture of a flatlining economy in Britain ever since George Osborne's last spending review. In fact, this is now the weakest recovery for over 100 years.
26/04/2013 09:18 BST
Now It Is Official: You're Worse Off Under the

Now It Is Official: You're Worse Off Under the Tories

From the working families who have to wait until 2015 for help with the costs of childcare, to a 2.4% drop in real wages over the lifetime of this parliament, life is getting more expensive and more difficult for most Britons.
20/03/2013 21:29 GMT
Another Missed Opportunity by George

Another Missed Opportunity by George Osborne

Yesterday was a chance for George Osborne to signal he would act to get the economy moving again in order to get the deficit down and begin to turn around his failing ship. Instead he stuck dogmatically to the course which led Britain to the longest double-dip recession since the war and the slowest recovery of any in the last century.
06/12/2012 11:31 GMT