Chris T-T

Writer, music maker, late night radio DJ, CEO Lo Fi Arts. 9th album The Bear out now on Xtra Mile

Chris T-T is a writer and recording artist based in Brighton. Since 1999 he's released eight albums and writes for a range of publications, including a regular column on the arts for The Morning Star. He tours internationally and has composed music on commission for the World Health Organisation and the Natural History Museum. Despite never breaking through to a mainstream audience, Chris T-T is one of the most consistently critically acclaimed British artists of the past decade and an influence over a generation of homegrown punk and alternative folk artists. Tom Robinson says "Chris T-T has inspired me, made me laugh and given me pause for thought, ever since his London Is Sinking album dropped on my desk in 2003," while he is described by Frank Turner as "The finest English folk singer we've had for 50 years."