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Christina Easton

Philosopher and Teacher

I'm a doctoral researcher in the Philosophy Department at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Before that, I was Head of Philosophy and Religious Studies at a secondary school in outer London. My PhD thesis looks at whether it's acceptable for schools to teach liberal values such as tolerance. I'm also working on some topics relating to the under-representation of women in Philosophy. You can find out more about my research at
Don't Play The Child Card With

Don't Play The Child Card With Me

Don't get me wrong: Often it's okay to play the Child Card. But don't abuse it. Don't think that because life is so difficult for you as a parent, non-parents are obliged to make your life easier. I'll let you decide the date and place we meet. I won't comment on you turning up an hour late. But it's because I'm being nice, not because I owe it to you.
23/03/2017 18:02 GMT