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Collette Walsh

Journalist, broadcaster, author & commentator

British-Irish journalist, writer and broadcaster - Collette is a regular face and voice on UK and Irish TV/radio. With a passion for travel, health, pop culture and women's interest, she's always got an opinion!

Why We Need Less Gimmicks and More Ergonomics in Tech Gear

With over 10 million of the new iPhone 6 phones sold already world wide, that's a lot of fingers and wrists in regular use - let's hope Apple and all the major tech companies heed the need for designs that support our joints.
29/09/2014 00:54 BST

Review: La Bohème - Opera North at The Lowry Salford 5/5

As one of the oldest arts, opera has an air of magic but gravity too. But that doesn't mean it is for a stuffy, serious audience. Far from it and Phyllida Lloyd's production of <em>La Bohème</em> for Opera North is, if anything, wonderfully contemporary, punchy and oozing with youthful optimism, tragedy and of course, romance.
16/05/2014 16:58 BST

Manchester Fringe Festival 2013 - Feisty, Affordable and Fun

There is a lack of pretentiousness to the Manchester Fringe Festival that appeals to a much broader audience than the sophisticated and often very pricey MIF (Manchester International Festival). The good news is that there is room for both. And the more Manchester is put on the map the better, I say.
31/07/2013 14:38 BST

Bristol VegFest '13 - Number of Veggies Set to Double

This year is set to be quite possibly the best yet and don't panic if you are not a veggie (yet) - everyone is welcome, say the lovely organisers. Come down, learn more about a meat-free lifestyle and just enjoy the fantastic programme of events.
17/05/2013 09:52 BST

HRH Morrissey - Who Art In Manchester... But Not The Olympics?

One of the best bits of last week's Olympics opening ceremony was the homage to Britain's musical heritage. The medley included, among a whole array of musical greats, the Beatles, the Sex Pistols, T-Rex, Bowie and quite rightly, some electro synth-pop too - OMD and New Order. Fab. Beijing may have had super-bendy acrobats, but come on, for coolness, Britain gets gold.
03/08/2012 16:52 BST

ITV Daybreak's New Hosts - Is Aled Jones the New Terry Wogan?

Aled Jones is incredibly well-loved and has been a presence on our screens since he was a child star and international chorister. Who cannot remember <em>Walking in the Air</em> and his cherubic, angelic little face, crooked teeth and sensible hair-cut?
08/05/2012 22:36 BST

Stroke Month: When Art Heals - Richard Creme Exhibition

It was very apt to find myself in the same week that Munch's <em>The Scream</em> was making headlines, at the opening of a very special exhibition in Manchester - celebrating exactly the transformative power of art and creativity.
06/05/2012 20:46 BST

Gym-Maniacs: Health and Fitness is Not All About the 'Burn'

Goodbye January. Perhaps the over-enthusiastic gym newbies can calm down now? Every year I observe with a wry smile - but more often frustration - as my local health club is packed to the rafters with sweating 'January gym-maniacs'. But why the frenzy at all? Going hell for leather, be it on treadmills or in spin classes etc, is never a good idea.
03/02/2012 21:57 GMT