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Dave Erasmus


Dave is a speaker & facilitator exiting 3 businesses including With 4 TEDx Talks 2 Spoken word EPs Weekly vlogs with 2million views and 67,000 subscribers Curious about human experience, and our relationship with technology has led to his ON+OFF grid living experiment. He lectures at UCL on the Arts & Sciences course looking at philosophy of intelligence, and developing it as a superconcept
Open Letter to Richard

Open Letter to Richard Branson

I am genuinely interested to know if you are proud of your work with Virgin Money Giving? Do you think it is worthy of the third sector it seeks to lead and of your Virgin brand? Do you think you have done your job properly?
03/04/2015 16:13 BST
My Journey

My Journey North

Now more than 2 years since I set out on my journey north we begin to turn our Givey Goggles to the West Coast of the USA in pursuit of a partnership with one of the worlds largest businesses to take Givey to global scale to achieve the cultural shift we are seeking in making giving part of all of our daily lives, I consider the North's role in our global Strategy.
11/03/2014 12:40 GMT
Is Giving One Pound

Is Giving One Pound Enough?

We cannot focus only on the things seemingly out of our control, and fall into the trap of acting like powerless victims! We must recognise that whilst our lives are full of contradictions our everyday actions do shape our future.
17/01/2014 15:06 GMT
Jumping on the Brand

Jumping on the Brand Wagon...

I used to see Brand as a sensational and gratuitous comedian, and maybe he was. Now I observe a highly intelligent communicator who knows how to engage the general population with ideas previously limited to the walls of university libraries and laboratories.
30/10/2013 13:51 GMT
It's Good to Give - Why American Bosses Get It (And British Ones

It's Good to Give - Why American Bosses Get It (And British Ones Don't)

In the USA company giving rose by 12% last year to reach an epic $18.2billion. UK companies, by contrast, have shown a sharp decline in giving, down 27% this year - according to a recent report by the Directory of Social Change. So what's the story - why aren't Britain's bosses backing charity?
30/08/2013 17:44 BST
Branson's B Team - Show Me

Branson's B Team - Show Me Numbers!

Businesses are created and incentivised to make profit, we have to creatively find ways to make considering people and profit the most attractive option for businesses ruthlessly focused on profit, make it strategic for their success not a distraction from it.
19/06/2013 12:02 BST
Is Giving Good for

Is Giving Good for You?

Whilst many people think they will give out of their surplus once they are content, I believe that giving is a key to reaching that elusive state of contentment.
16/11/2012 13:54 GMT