David Knowles

Graduate in Theology from University College, Durham

David Knowles is a graduate of University College, Durham. He received a First Class degree in Theology.

His work over the past few years has focused on politics and inter-cultural relations with periods spent working at the European Parliament and Richard Lewis Communications. Much of his work has demanded a high level of French.

His interest in cross-cultural affairs has led him to acquire, not just French, but a basic level of Czech and many ancient languages including Hebrew, Syriac and Aramaic.

He also has much experience in theatre, being a co-president of the prestigious Castle Theatre Company and a member of the renowned Durham Revue.

Twitter: @djknowles22

The SNP's Political Paradise

The SNP is, to a large extent, sustained by their powerful concept of a political-theological paradise. If unionists across the United Kingdom really want to defeat Scottish nationalism a truly inspiring and profound alternative to the paradise of independence is desperately needed.
20/05/2015 14:26 BST

'Bad Theology' and Religious Terror

The journalists and policemen murdered in Paris are the latest tragic victims in an ongoing war of ideas and belief. To win this war theologians must get involved, abandoning relativism and, as blunt as it sounds, take sides.
07/01/2015 15:50 GMT

Ukip Don't Have a Leadership Crisis, They Have a Membership Crisis

One of the biggest problems Ukip have at the moment is that, despite the best efforts of the often charming and eloquent man-of-the-people, pint swilling, cigarette puffing, Nigel Farage; the image many other Ukip party members project is of homophobic, unintelligent, misogynistic, sexist, and borderline racist little Englanders.
17/12/2014 16:38 GMT

Guess Who's Back

Salmond it seems, just cannot bear to be out of the political limelight. If I was Nicola Sturgeon, I'd be grinding my teeth in frustration... Poor Sturgeon has barely had a chance to stamp her authority on her massively enlarged and politically raw party before Salmond swung the narrative back onto him.
08/12/2014 21:43 GMT

The SNP and Ukip Are More Similar Than You Might Think

Comparing the SNP to Ukip, even trying to suggest that there may exist similarities between the UK's two most prominent separatist movements really, really angers the Scottish Nationalists. However it is certainly worth exploring.
04/12/2014 21:43 GMT

Welcome to the SNP's Megachurch

The event at the Hydro confirmed that the SNP now 'functions religiously' for many of its members. It has ceased being a limited, political organisation and is now an all-encompassing 'movement' with faith at its core.
24/11/2014 17:18 GMT

Let's Stay Together?

'This isn't about England-Scotland or Scotland-England; it's about all of us, the whole nation.' He is right. By the time all the voting is done I hope will all my heart that we will still be a United Kingdom.
15/09/2014 13:42 BST

A Positive No

At the heart of the Yes campaign is a simple and admirable goal; to build a better Scotland for Scots living now and for those in generations to come. In fact, this goal is more than admirable. It is desirable, enviable, humane, generous and, above all, hopeful.
08/09/2014 11:13 BST

Alex in Wonderland

One would expect then for the polls to be widening rather than closing, especially considering that First Minister and his Finance Secretary have abandoned reality altogether and have flung themselves down the rabbit hole. It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.
03/09/2014 11:41 BST

Scotland, Security and the World

<em>'It would be cataclysmic for Scotland to become independent, it would aid the forces of darkness, it would threaten the stability of the western world'</em> These remarks, uttered way back in April by the former Secretary General of NATO George Robertson caused a political storm in Scotland.
29/07/2014 11:36 BST

A Passionate Case for the Union

Of course many people around the United Kingdom are fed up with conventional politics, disgusted by the sleaze, expenses scandals and London centricity. But that does not mean we should give up on the union. Rather, we should be even more engaged in it to change it for the better. It is only by acting together that we can make the United Kingdom work for everyone.
11/05/2014 22:55 BST

It's (Not) Just a Load of Fairy Stories

Caution seems to be the perfect watchword for all to bear in mind when approaching the Hebrew Bible. Yet caution, and its cousin attentiveness, are qualities in short supply in the modern world. The biblical texts are not easy to read or understand. But they are worth engaging with - and that will be the subject of my next blog.
03/04/2014 14:27 BST