Ellie Stoneley

Mother, author of 'Milky Moments', Children's Book of the Year 2015/16, loves local, often on the side of the underdog, fan of breastfeeding

Ellie Stoneley is a mother and a writer. Her first book, Milky Moments, is currently flying off the shelves and has been welcomed by parents, children, the Royal College of Midwives and La Leche League.

A contributor to parenting websites both in the US and the UK, Ellie has also made frequent TV, radio and newspaper appearances to discuss the joys and issues faced by older parents and breastfeeding mothers.

Milky Moments (published by Pinter and Martin in May 2015) is available worldwide. A verse and picture book for children and their families, every Milky Moments illustration features a breastfeeding mother and child (baby, toddler and beyond), at home, out and about, with friends or strangers. Nursing is just a normal loving part of day to day life. The book has some lovely features which children also enjoy, such as hunting for a little bear called Eric on every page.

Ellie works to give a louder voice to tiny charities, social and third sector organisations, and this has taken her from Cambridge to California and Madagascar. She also runs tech for good events and advises organisations (including the Kitchen Table Charities Trust, and Art for All) on social media.

She organised a UK tour for Jake Clemons of Springsteen's E Street band, sits on the board of global tolerance and was until recently a Trustee of the Digital Unite Trust. Ellie gave up supermarkets 16 years ago and champions the joys of living locally. She's happiest when exploring the world with her daughter.

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Ellie's own blog, Mush Brained Ramblings is at http://www.crazypregnantperson.com
Bugger The Mummy

Bugger The Mummy Wars

I want my daughter to grow up in a society that doesn't send mothers to war over bottles and breasts, but one that celebrates families and encourages them to support each other, and gives us the courage to look for and find support when we need it...
25/08/2016 14:40 BST
Breastfeeding Halves Your Chances of Post Natal

Breastfeeding Halves Your Chances of Post Natal Depression

I was relieved to realise that my own utter lack of awareness of the whole breastfeeding process was shared by other mothers in the room. Breastfeeding and milk production should be covered on the school syllabus and in more depth in ante natal classes.
21/08/2014 16:49 BST
Is Pubic Hair Really So

Is Pubic Hair Really So 1976?

I hope there never comes a time when my daughter suffers from self doubt due to her appearance or feels the need to surgically 'enhance' her incredibly perfect self. There is much more pressure in the world she's growing up in than I had to deal with, and I will do what I can to equip her to have confidence in herself, as she is
30/04/2014 13:34 BST
10 Things Not to Say to a News Editor About Being an Older

10 Things Not to Say to a News Editor About Being an Older Mother

I'm extremely blessed to be the mother of a wonderful, exuberant and thriving two-year-old and (in common with mothers everywhere) I'm doing the best I can for my daughter to ensure she has a happy childhood, and a safe and secure future. Sometimes that's OK, but often the journalist will prod, looking for an angle, "How do you deal with the negative view of older parents?"
09/04/2014 18:34 BST
Tramps Like

Tramps Like Us

Breastfeeding her child in public had a young woman anonymously labelled a 'tramp'. This in turn led to a number of well attended mass breastfeeding gatherings throughout the UK. A great show of solidarity, women highlighting their right to breastfeed in public.
18/03/2014 13:45 GMT
Calling Time on

Calling Time on Breastfeeding?

I have spoken to women who wanted to nurse their babies but couldn't, or decided enough was enough after a few weeks. Many women have perfectly healthy infants and decided right at the start that breastfeeding just wasn't for them, and others are still feeding five-year-olds. I was lucky in that I decided to nurse and, with help, was able to.
11/03/2014 16:56 GMT