Fritha Strickland

A twenty something lifestyle blogger, designer and boutique owner

My name is Fritha Strickland and I write the lifestyle blog Tigerlilly Quinn, a blog about interior design, family life, food, fashion, art, photography and travel.

Three and a half years ago my boyfriend and I bought a run down house in Bristol and decided to do it up with little more than a bit of savings, a few good friends with DIY skills and a lot of cups of tea. Add to the mix a now two year old boy named Wilf and two fat cats and we are constantly adding to our dream home. It has and continues to be a labour of love.

When I am not blogging about our life I am also running my online boutique created simply to give me an excuse to buy yet more washi tape.

You can also find me spending a little too much time on Pinterest and Instagram.

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