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James Haddrell

Artistic Director, Greenwich Theatre

James has been the Artistic & Executive Director of Greenwich Theatre ( since 2006, and in that time he has transformed the theatre into one of the UK's most important supporters of young and emerging theatre makers, providing a home, a mentor, a supporter and a showcase venue for some of the most exciting new voices in British theatre. Supported companies have transferred work to Edinburgh, Dublin, Adelaide, Madrid, Beijing and New York, as well as touring the UK extensively. As a director, in 2017 James has directed the acclaimed new plays Under My Thumb by Cassiah Joski-Jethi, Gazing At A Distant Star by Sian Rowland and Get Therapy by Danielle Imara. He is the producer of the annual Greenwich Theatre pantomime and the Greenwich Children's Theatre Festival.
A Proud Week In

A Proud Week In Theatre

This is a proud week for Greenwich Theatre, a week in which we celebrate theatre for its ability to confront, to challenge and to inspire - and this is not unusual for us here...
19/01/2017 16:07 GMT
The Play's the

The Play's the Thing

In September this year we are set to open a new studio theatre at Greenwich Theatre, and for the opening production we have chosen to develop Cassiah Joski-Jethi's <i><em>Under My Thumb</em></i>, a play first written as a 30 minute short piece and shortlisted for this year's inaugural RED Women's Theatre Awards.
01/07/2016 11:48 BST
Where Lies the Future of British Music

Where Lies the Future of British Music Theatre?

We may not know where the future of British music theatre lies or what it looks like, but in order for there to be a meaningful future this kind of broad exploration is essential.
28/02/2014 16:26 GMT
Why Larger Theatres Should Be Investing in the

Why Larger Theatres Should Be Investing in the Fringe

This huge financial burden on young artists worries me. As costs become ever more prohibitive many of the emerging companies that I speak to are finding it impossible to justify the expense of Edinburgh.
10/09/2013 23:15 BST