Jamie Madigan

Writes about the overlap between psychology and video games.

Jamie Madigan, Ph.D. writes about the overlap between psychology and video games. He has a degree in psychology from the University of Missouri in St. Louis. On the professional side, he specializes in developing pre-employment assessments and related systems, and for years, he co-authored the "Good Science, Good Practice" column in the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology's quarterly magazine. On the hobbyist side, video games have also been one of Dr. Madigan's life-long interests, and he took a brief career detour to work in the gaming industry for a few years. Since then he has taken an interest in writing about how various psychological theories apply to understanding the behaviors and decisions of those who design games, those who sell games, and those who play games. He has written on the subject for the website and for the magazines GamePro and Edge Magazine. He also maintains, where more of his writing can be found.