John Giacobbi

Tales from the Interweb by The Web Sheriff

Web Sheriff Founder John Giacobbi is long renowned as the leading anti-piracy specialist in the music industry. A former music business lawyer and industry consultant, Giacobbi was a pioneer in protecting artists’ rights on the web. “People called the internet The New Wild West,” he explains. “So who better to ride into town and sort it out than the Web Sheriff?!”

Since founding Web Sheriff, clients have ranged from all-time legends such as MICHAEL JACKSON, DYLAN, PRINCE and VAN MORRISON, through to today’s hottest artists, such as LADY GAGA, ADELE and BEYONCE, as well as HOLLYWOOD studios and film distributors. Uniquely, Web Sheriff’s fan-friendly philosophy and inclusive approach is to actively engage with fans and bloggers and to “turn the perceived negative of anti-piracy into the massive positive of viral marketing.”

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