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Jonathan Edwards

Plaid Cymru MP for Carmarthen East & Dinefwr

Plaid Cymru MP for Carmarthen East & Dinefwr and the party's spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Defence, Treasury and Transport.

Empire 2.0: Gunboat Diplomacy In The Gulf

My position is clear: a UK foreign policy harking back to the days of empire through the aggressive deployment of armed force ignores the realities of a globalised world bounded by international law and human rights, or the damage of successive budget cuts to the military. Furthering a foreign policy based on military power, alluded to through the UK's approach to the Gulf, offers only a dangerous and unsustainable future.
07/08/2017 11:48 BST

Article 50: Two Unions At Risk

This week will mark the beginning of what will be a defining event in the history of the British State, and all four members of it.
27/03/2017 11:58 BST

The Dead End Road Of Austerity

On Wednesday the Chancellor of the Exchequer will make his first Budget Statement. It'll also be the first Budget since Brexit. Pursuing a deliberate economic strategy outside the Single Market and the European customs union will require a complete reconfiguration of Treasury policy.
06/03/2017 15:09 GMT

The Brexit Bluff

It is absolutely right that those people who made such promises, including senior government ministers, should be held to account over what they said during the campaign. The choice for Brexiteers in Parliament is either to vote against their own promises, or vote for Plaid Cymru's amendments.
06/02/2017 12:35 GMT

Does Brexit Mean CETA?

We expect the Labour Welsh Government and the UK Government to vigorously defend the Welsh national interest. We cannot afford to leave the fate of the Welsh economy in the hands of the Prime Minister and her three dawdling Brexiteers.
07/09/2016 14:03 BST

Regional Pay: The Real Issue for Trade Unions in 2012

Although many of them have yet to realise it, busy as they are with the ongoing discussions on public sector pensions, the big issue for trade unions in 2012 will be the implementation of regional pay and the break-up of the national pay bargaining schemes.
09/01/2012 22:41 GMT

Wales: A Small Clever Country

While we wait for the long-awaited Welsh Calman-style Commission to begin, there have been two crucial reports in the past fortnight alone about the Welsh economy and our capacity to move forward over the coming years.
20/07/2011 23:06 BST