Jonathan Weinberg

Freelance journalist, who, when not tweeting, runs media advice & content consultancy Ten14

Jonathan Weinberg is a freelance journalist who hates writing bios about himself and talking in the third person.

But, he has no option on this site so…

As well as his (my) journalism work, Jonathan (I) also runs (run) a media advice and content creation consultancy working with PRs and brands, both large and small.

He (I) spent 10 years working for The Sun in a number of senior online roles and was the paper and website’s technology and gaming correspondent throughout that time.

Writing about some of the biggest and most fundamental changes to technology and digital has given him (me) a passion for startup culture and the disruption it brings to traditional models of work, play and day-to-day living.

He (I) also has (have) a keen interest in how digital technology is transforming every inch of our lives and the potential benefits, but also damage, this may be causing to society.

Jonathan (that's me) freelances for a wide range of national newspapers, magazines and online portals alongside his (my) corporate work, which offers media training, pitching advice, idea generation and content creation for everyone from startups to multi-million pound companies.

When he's (I'm) not doing that, he's (I am) tweeting @JW_Ten14 about TV shows and Tottenham Hotspur, along with plenty of pointless rubbish broken up with just a smattering of insightful opinion on the media, PR and technology industries.
Is The Sun Paywall a Triumph for Marketing Over

Is The Sun Paywall a Triumph for Marketing Over Journalism?

With a digital-first generation growing up with no real interest in newspapers, their heritage or traditional brand allegiances, a paywall that is designed to stave off losses from a growing print decline could well eventually consign the journalism in both its offline and online arms to just a historic footnote on Wikipedia.
08/08/2013 20:26 BST