Julia Bryson

Blogger, journalist, parent

I'm a journalist, blogger and mum of two - to one six-year-old boy and a nearly two-year-old girl.
I started my blog Rainbeaubelle to write about the things I like - our life as a family, my love of fashion and my favourite stylish finds, with a little food and a lot of photography thrown in.
Lately my posts have been focused on a very sad time, as my husband was diagnosed with inoperable cancer in March. He fell ill with an unrelated blood condition two years ago, so we've had to get used to health problems, but this year has just been something else.

Writing about it does help, and the support I've found from those reading my blog has been immense.

It's a little slice of my life, with our children bringing love, laughter and smiles along the way.

When I'm not writing about sad times, my favourite things are large cups of tea and even larger glasses of wine, spinach, avocado and banana (all together!), stripes, skinny jeans, walking on sand, poring over interiors or fashion magazines, any kind of print with a bird on, chocolate, talking to friends, instagram, my cat, my family and any perfume that smells like lemons. Oh, and I'm trying to renovate a caravan, hopefully for its maiden voyage this summer.

Aside from blogging, in the 'real world' I'm a journalist for the BBC News website based in Liverpool.

That's kind of me. Thanks for reading my posts,