Ken Starkey

Professor of Management and Organisational Learning at Nottingham University Business School.

Ken Starkey is Professor of Management and Organisational Learning at Nottingham University Business School. He is an author of numerous books on management and organization and commentator and consultant on leadership issues.

Ken writes regularly for leading management publications and works with public and private sector organisations on strategic and management development issues. His research interests include business and management and the arts and humanities. He is currently writing a book on what we need to learn from the financial crisis, tentatively entitled “Leadership and the New Capitalism”.

Nottingham University Business School specialises in developing leadership potential, encouraging innovation and enterprise, and developing a global outlook. It is recognised as one of the world’s top business schools for integrating sustainability issues into its MBA, undergraduate, and executive programmes and has unrivalled global reach through the University of Nottingham’s campuses in the UK, China, and Malaysia. Nottingham ranks among the UK’s leading universities and global polls for research excellence and the Business School is ranked among the UK’s top ten for research power.
Brexit: A View from the Business

Brexit: A View from the Business School

How are we to react to the Brexit bolt of lightning? I write as a passionate European. Clearly there was a strong reaction to the idea of a yet another elite making hay while life got harder and harder for so many. It is no surprise that have-nots choose to bite the hand that, they perceive, does not feed them (although, ironically, some of the areas where the Exit vote was largest are the biggest recipients of EU support).
14/07/2016 16:05 BST

Plutocracy Rules

What is particularly striking in our current predicament is that there is so little debate about the growing role of plutocracy and how to curb its excesses. The Oxford English Dictionary defines plutocracy as government by the wealthy, a ruling class of wealthy people.
13/06/2013 18:22 BST
The Year of the

The Year of the Zombie?

We hear less of vampires these days. The new creature dominating the scene is the zombie. The banking crisis has left economies that are "zombified", living dead, only kept "alive" by the injection of the life-blood of credit by central banks.
11/01/2013 14:24 GMT