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Kerry McCarthy

Labour MP for Bristol East

Kerry was first elected as Labour MP for Bristol East in 2005. She served as Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs between September 2015 and June 2016. Kerry then joined the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, and has additionally been a member of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee since October 2016. Kerry's main policy areas of interest are: sustainability and the environment, food policy, the economy, tackling poverty, international aid and trade, transport, and animal welfare.

More Must Be Done To Tackle Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is one of the most pressing humanitarian concerns of our time. Whilst Home Office figures predict that there are currently some 13,000 modern slaves in the UK, Kevin Hyland, the independent anti-trafficking commissioner, has indicated that the true figure is believed to be much greater - perhaps in the tens of thousands.
30/10/2017 14:42 GMT

Bristol Is Ready For Channel 4

There is a real buzz about the city these days, which is attracting new creative professionals to Bristol. But Bristol's bid for Channel 4 is also about unleashing the potential of the multicultural citizens who already live and work here, many of whom have unique perspectives and valuable ideas that could feed in to Channel 4 programming. With 35% of our population aged under 24, the talent pool from which to draw is huge.
16/10/2017 15:30 BST

The Government Must Do More To Protect Young Lives From Meningitis

Meningitis Now are just one charity who do amazing work in raising awareness and campaigning for policy changes around the disease. I will be meeting with them and Izzy's father this week to film a video which is intended to increase awareness of meningitis among parents and young people ahead of Meningitis Student Awareness Week (22 -29 October).
12/10/2017 17:13 BST

On 'Betrayal' And Badgers

It was during the referendum campaign, when the stakes were so high, and at the two-and-half hour shadow cabinet meeting on June 24th that my growing concern, tinged with exasperation, turned into despair.
31/08/2016 16:52 BST

Coffee Cups: The Unfiltered Story

The takeaway coffee habit is now part of most people's lives. What people didn't previously realise is that of the seven million coffee cups used each day in the UK, only 1% of them are recycled. People think they are recyclable, and technically they are - but it is too difficult and expensive to separate the inner plastic membrane from the cardboard, and so they end up in landfill or are incinerated.
28/07/2016 16:11 BST

The Government Needs to Stop Passing the Buck on Air Pollution

Air pollution disproportionately affects more deprived communities and restricts the life chances of the next generation by impairing children's development. People are angry and the government needs to act. And this is not just an issue for the Department of Transport. It is the Environment Secretary who is responsible for clean air, despite her silence on the topic.
25/04/2016 16:59 BST

Record Levels of Foodbank Use Are a National Scandal

Low pay and rising bills have pushed hundreds of thousands of people into relying on food banks, and the Bedroom Tax, sanctions and delays at the Department of Work and Pensions have made things worse... Food banks have become a truly shameful symbol of a Tory Government that is failing to stand up for ordinary people.
15/04/2016 11:15 BST

Brexit Is Not the Answer for Floods or Farmers

Former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has a habit of finding others to blame for Government failures. He notoriously accused the badgers of 'moving the goalposts' to excuse the badger cull shambles under his watch. Now he seems to be saying that Britain's membership of the European Union is to blame for the floods.
08/01/2016 10:02 GMT

It's Time the Environment Secretary Started Taking Air Pollution Seriously

The Environment Secretary has failed to act. Her silence is a complete abdication of responsibility. She should be leading an urgent, cross-Departmental response to bring air pollution down to safe levels. Re-doing the consultation and making genuine efforts to engage on air quality must be the first step, for which she will have Labour's full support.
14/10/2015 16:05 BST

Britain Must Think About Its Relationship With Burma Over the Treatment of the Rohingyas

While the EU continues to struggle with the Mediterranean refugee crisis, South East Asia has been facing a potential catastrophe as Burma's Rohingya flee their homes in search of safety across the Andaman Sea. The scenes of thousands of people stranded on boats and the harrowing discovery of mass graves have recently commanded the world's attention, but the Rohingya minority's desperation is not new and they are no strangers to injustice.
10/07/2015 16:22 BST

MRSA in British Pork; Why We Should All Be Concerned and Defra Must Act

This is the first time MRSA of livestock origin has been found in British pig meat. The findings add to the growing evidence that overuse of antibiotics in farming is contributing to resistance in life-threatening infections in humans, and supports the call for urgent action to address inappropriate use in farming.
18/06/2015 13:42 BST

The Threat to Marine Animals From Ghost Fishing

The campaign is calling upon local beach users, coastal walkers, divers and ocean lovers to take photos of ghost fishing gear they find littering the coastline. This evidence will be presented to Government and seafood companies to show the environmental impact, and then to push for further action.
17/06/2015 17:01 BST

Inside The Pussy Riot Trial

There have been many concerns raised about the way the women are being treated: they say they are only getting a few hours sleep a night, they aren't being fed during their 12 hour days at court, and Nadya and Masha have not been able to see their two small children.
08/08/2012 23:23 BST

Playing In The USA: Why UK Musicians Are Finding It Hard

The Anglo-American creative axis is the backbone of 21st century pop culture. It's one of the fundamental ties in the 'special relationship'. Both countries have helped to nurture and influence each other's great music. But the relationship is currently being stifled.
29/08/2011 22:13 BST