Lord Black

Executive Director, Telegraph Media Group

Lord (Guy) Black of Brentwood is Executive Director, Telegraph Media Group. He is also the Chairman of the CPU Media Trust which is pledged to uphold and defend the freedom, interests and welfare of the media and journalists in Commonwealth countries.

Previously he was Press Secretary to Michael Howard when Leader of the Opposition and is a former Director of the Press Complaints Commission.

Though Huge Threats Remain, I Hope That We Are Turning a Corner on Press Freedom

The whole of the British press - despite the fact that 95% of it was never involved in the hacking of phones which led to this crackdown - was subjected to a judicial inquiry with draconian powers, greater than those handed to the Chilcot Inquiry which is looking into the war in Iraq in which 100,000 people died... Not only has this been hugely dangerous for the press in Britain, it has robbed us of all moral authority to be able to try to help countries battling authoritarianism in establishing a free press.
12/06/2014 15:49 BST