Marie-Louise Abretti

Broadband Expert at

Marie-Louise has worked in broadband comparison for more than five years, giving her a unique insight into consumer trends and issues as well as an expert understanding of the market. Her role at Top10 Broadband and means she has worked closely with broadband providers to help bring consumers the best possible deals. She is as passionate about broadband accessibility as she is about Mbps.

Ten Years of Change, And Still We're Failing Sepsis Sufferers

Public awareness is still far too low, but the symptoms - which include diarrhoea, muscle pain, mottled or discoloured skin, itching, difficulty passing urine, chills and shivering, fever, and fast breathing - can be spotted by friends and family, or even the patient themselves. Until we all start to suspect sepsis, and say sepsis, the outlook won't get better.
17/07/2015 11:42 BST