Michelle Sushikala Brooks

Complex Emergencies Specialist M.Sc.FRGS. FINSSSL

Michelle Brooks is a Complex Emergencies Specialist and Academic specialising in the area of Counter Terrorism. As Managing Director of Global Research Organisation Ltd. (UK) her work has taken the form of research informed training and change management for government institutions, military, police and academic clients all over the world. Michelle’s work on Islamist inspired terrorism, narcotics, aviation intelligence and human trafficking has made a significant contribution to national security for the UK and for EU partners through her work with British Police CTU, Defence Academy of the UK, CEPOL and Europol (Hague). This work has additionally been presented around the world for security agencies and academics in USA, Australia, Sri Lanka, Netherlands and Sweden. Michelle achieved a First Class Honours level Bachelors degree in Geography at Bath Spa University, a Masters in Research (Geo.) with distinction and commendation at the University of Reading and is currently completing her Ph.D. Additionally Michelle is Chairperson for The Lighthouse Foundation, an NGO providing skills development, medical and educational services in coastal communities in Sri Lanka. Michelle is a Research Fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies, Sri Lanka and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, London.