Patrick Hanlon

Food and travel writer, blogger, 1/2 of gastrogays, London by way of Dublin!

Working in the media after a move from Dublin to London, Patrick spent a number of years following a Journalism degree in digital content and social media. Managing a string of websites for RTE, Ireland’s national broadcaster, he’s juggled food, fashion, travel and homes content simultaneously and thinks in tweets, clicks and pics.

A food and content fanatic, whenever he’s not seeking out new restaurants and cafes to try, he’s blogging about food, from developing recipes and writing trend features to photography, styling and design. You’ll definitely find him in the kitchen at parties.
How Embracing My Stutter Gave Me a New Lease on

How Embracing My Stutter Gave Me a New Lease on Life

Living with a stutter is really tough. I'm sometimes asked by fluent speakers what stuttering feels like and I explain it like being blind but with occasional glimpses of perfect 20/20 vision, or being deaf and having small, random spurts of crystal-clear hearing.
27/07/2016 17:19 BST
15 of the UK's Best Foodie Subscription

15 of the UK's Best Foodie Subscription Boxes

Without leaving the house, you can have cured bacon, a selection of craft ciders, a choice of sweat-inducing chilli products and even the cuisine of a far flung destination - all packaged up and delivered to you month by month. Here's our pick of the posted pack...
08/03/2016 10:34 GMT
Ten of Dublin's Best

Ten of Dublin's Best Breakfasts

As Oscar Wilde wrote perfectly: 'only dull people are brilliant at breakfast'. Give us a big warming bowl of something to hug from within; satisfy us with something from the frying pan; heck, give us toast slathered in butter - all served with the strongest coffee one can find.
24/08/2015 13:45 BST