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Paul Whiteman

General secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT)

General secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT)

Schools And Young People Need To Know They Can Depend On Their Government To Provide An Education System That Works

Any vision for the future has to begin with full and fair funding for all schools, so it is welcome to hear this promise from Labour. A lack of anything credible to say on school funding from The Conservatives was one of the things that contributed to their poorer than expected General Election result. Nearly a million people switched their votes on Polling Day because the 'school funding has never been higher' mantra rang so hollow.
27/09/2017 15:31 BST

Summer Holidays May Be Here But We Won't Stop Fighting For Fair School Funding

As I said to parents on Sunday no matter how effective the campaign may have been up to now, we cannot allow the government to wriggle off the hook when it comes to funding. This week, they tried to do just that, by responding to calls from parents, governors, teachers and school leaders with fresh proposals for the education budget. Fresh proposals, for sure. But certainly no new money.
19/07/2017 07:52 BST