Pepi Lemer

Jazz singer and vocal coach

Pepi Lemer is a jazz singer and vocal coach, who has worked with artists including The Beatles, Spice Girls and Madonna. Her solo album Back2Front is out now on Right Recordings. For concert details please see

Pepi lives in Hampstead, North West London, with her husband Paul, a producer. She has two daughters and four grandchildren. She was born in Devon and brought up in Hackney.

My Stage Return Was So Powerful and Emotional - Now I Need a Champion

I wish I could find the right words to express how it felt completing my first two live shows, as I stepped back on stage for gigs at The Vortex and PizzaExpress Jazz Club over the last month. After the dark year of recovery from cancer, I had returned to health to fulfil my lifelong dream... and at the age of 72.
25/07/2016 11:31 BST

I Beat Cancer and Tonight the Music Starts

Well, here I am. Backstage at the PizzaExpress Jazz Club in Soho, ready for my comeback gig. I can't say this journey has been easy. Getting back on stage at the age of 72 is hard enough. But coming back from beating cancer of the oesophagus has made it almost impossible at times.
27/06/2016 13:53 BST