Peter Aykens

Managing Director, CEB

Peter Aykens, managing director at CEB, has more than two decades of experience. Peter leads a team that researches retail banking, wealth management, commercial banking and retirement.

Working with executives at financial institutions from around the world, Peter sees that institutions are focused on providing digital tools to customers. He helps members embrace new technology, like social media and personal financial management, and helps them seamlessly incorporate these tools into their business models. Throughout the process, Peter reminds them to maintain focus on the customer experience, as it is critical to always keep the end-user in mind.

One of the most common questions he receives is how to drive revenue growth. Peter believes the answer lies in transforming the company not simply acquiring new technology or creating new products. Once the customers’ needs and wants are addressed, the demand for services will increase. In fact, Peter’s recent work also includes spearheading CEB’s Consumer Financial Monitor™, a semi-annual survey that measures consumers’ financial activities and sentiments and echoes Peter’s guidance to executives.

Peter initially discovered his passion for financial services and global business while earning his bachelor of arts in political science at St. Olaf College in Minnesota. He thought about staying in academia and becoming a professor, but instead moved to Washington D.C. for an internship which ultimately led him to CEB.

What Peter enjoys most about his career is the mix between academia and business. His constant thirst for knowledge is satiated through the extensive research he performs on a regular basis to answer difficult questions. During his career, Peter has continued his education through studying in Wales at University College Wales and earning his Ph.D. in political science from Brown University.

In his free time, Peter enjoys ballroom dancing, which he started doing with his wife when they were preparing for their wedding. Ten years later, they are now Silver Level members at Arthur Murray dance studio and continue to attend class once a week. Peter lives in Washington D.C. with his wife and daughter, and each year they pick a new vacation destination. Two of his favorite places to visit include Wales and Sydney, Australia.