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Rebekah Smith


30 something mum of 2 trying to stay sane in this overly airbrushed world.

Expect honesty, everyday issues and insight into a real working mums life.

You'll most commonly find her moaning on Instagram: @bump2baby2 and blogs at:

Cancer K.O.

It didn't make hearing the word any easier. The feeling of that moment was shockingly surreal - nothing dramatic, just numbing and totally life changing. I could still take in what the consultant was saying and follow the conversation, until she said chemotherapy.
10/08/2017 14:22 BST

All At C

Check is maybe the only 'C' word we can all truly take to heart and like from this: check yourself, tell others to check and be checked if you're unsure! I found my lump randomly having a wash, I wasn't even purposefully checking.
31/07/2017 17:00 BST

Full Time. Part Time. All the Time

It's not easy returning to work; back to the routine, back to caring about something more than nap times, feeds and tantrum negotiation. I returned three weeks ago, changing from full time to part time. I still work the equivalent of four days a week and it sometimes feels as though I am trying to 'have it all' - but why shouldn't I have my own identity, career and earnings.
12/06/2017 12:24 BST

SEXIT: Can I Change My Vote?

Luckily none of these scenarios actually happened and instead I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of women (and men) who took the time to write, speak or message me in support and share their own version of similar problems.
16/05/2017 11:47 BST

Bank Holiday Hell

Of course you have friends who can help in these situations - but what part of 'surviving' and 'doing it alone' is that? Even with all the friends, family and colleagues in the world, bedtime equals social lock-down and a bit more time to think about everything.
04/05/2017 15:14 BST

Hardcore Sexit

I wish I could remember when it happened; the moment I was switched off and I lost all desire to do 'IT' anymore. I definitely wanted to do it the day I conceived my first child, so at least that is somewhere to start...
21/04/2017 16:38 BST

Helping Your Newly Single Mum Friend

Friendship: A chance meeting that develops into fun, memories and a million WhatsApp messages. Your only agenda for being there is because you want to be, it's a bond built on pure appreciation of a particular person. Maybe that's why a friends pain can sometimes feel like a personal attack.
20/04/2017 10:41 BST