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Sakthy Selvakumaran


Sakthy has worked as a civil and structural engineer in design consultancy, contracting and international development applications across multiple roles, continents and cultures. She has previously worked on developing new design solutions and technologies to change the way infrastructure is designed, constructed and maintained, and is currently researching risk and resilience of infrastructure through remote measurement and monitoring of assets using radar satellites. She is a Chartered Civil Engineer and has been named on Forbes' 30 Under 30 list for Europe, and on a list of 30 under 30 for Manufacturing & Engineering by the UK Government Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.
A Woman At Work: The Surprising Parts We Don't Want To Talk

A Woman At Work: The Surprising Parts We Don't Want To Talk About

I am sharing this now because I do not want to see the young people I meet, work with or supervise go through the same things. I want people not just to promote strong women as publicity figures, but consider the workplace culture for all women and men who feel uncomfortable or are unnecessarily held back. And people shouldn't have to feel scared to speak out, for fear that it would be considered against them in future professional endeavours.
27/04/2017 17:32 BST
Is The Term 'Construction Industry'

Is The Term 'Construction Industry' Outdated?

<img alt="tech for good" src="" width="300" height="35" /> Using automation and AI to undertake routine functions could free up our supply of engineers for more creative tasks. Our engineers would control and steer the algorithmic optimisations set up for machines. We should embrace the opportunities this could create for global development.
25/12/2016 22:26 GMT
Women in Engineering - It's Time to Tell Our

Women in Engineering - It's Time to Tell Our Stories

This day celebrates all great works of engineering, to demonstrate to young women where such a career could take them. We need all engineers from all backgrounds - not only women - to help in raising profiles. So engineers, please tell your friends, families, children's neighbours, local schools etc. what you do and how your job makes a difference to society.
23/06/2016 15:16 BST
Surfing the Waves of

Surfing the Waves of Change

Have you ever spoken to a surfer about why they surf? They will tell you that once you get into it there is no turning back. As someone who has never donned a wetsuit or waxed a board, I never really appreciated the significance of a surfer's relationship with the ocean and how this can influence their broader view of the world. Then I met the team at EcoSwell in Peru.
08/06/2016 15:00 BST
Engineering a Career Path to the

Engineering a Career Path to the Top

What better time to celebrate careers in engineering, and the often unsung contribution engineers and technicians make to societies all over the world? There really is no better time to make a unique contribution of your own.
15/03/2016 10:53 GMT
UK Energy: No Plans to Get FIT for the New

UK Energy: No Plans to Get FIT for the New Year

We have what we need in the UK to transition into a renewable economy - engineering capability, R&D to advance new technologies, and a government which can facilitate policies to engage business and individuals to play their part. But is the government thinking with this long term vision in mind?
24/12/2015 15:57 GMT
Should We Be Encouraging the Use of the F-Word in

Should We Be Encouraging the Use of the F-Word in Construction?

Civil engineering and construction doesn't need to be the preserve of men. I am a woman. A woman who has worked in design offices, in different countries, with universities, and out on construction sites: I am at a complete loss as to why construction would not suit women.
26/03/2015 17:47 GMT
Civil Engineering: All Fun and (Video)

Civil Engineering: All Fun and (Video) Games?

Computer game designer, video games tester, and working in cinematics for Hollywood movies are high tech dream jobs for many. Civil engineering, on the other hand, is often associated with muddy boots, hammers, hard hats and high vis vests...
05/12/2014 15:16 GMT
Sustainability: Should 'We'

Sustainability: Should 'We' Care?

The effects of climate change and the depletion of natural resources is becoming ever-more apparent in the UK and around the world: flash floods have destroyed homes; farming and crops have been affected; transport services have caused chaos with sudden cancellations and closures.
20/03/2014 15:44 GMT
Job Available: The Uncreative, Uninventive and Uncaring Need Not

Job Available: The Uncreative, Uninventive and Uncaring Need Not Apply

In choosing a future career, do you find yourself torn between balancing your creative nature, your love of words and communication with an interest in science and technology? Do you dream big and feel you might be capable of bringing people together to navigate difficult decisions that have to be made in pursuit of the solutions to the great global challenges posed by poverty, economic crisis and climate change?
12/11/2013 13:34 GMT
What Women Want: Engineering's Hidden Human

What Women Want: Engineering's Hidden Human Side?

I am not one to put faith in gender stereotypes, but with careers such as nursing, biological research and social work drawing a much higher proportion of females, I am lead to question whether the perception of engineering as a "heavy" industry, almost sterile of human interaction is putting women off.
28/02/2013 12:29 GMT
Think About Manufacturing to Make it in Great

Think About Manufacturing to Make it in Great Britain

For me, being an engineer is about putting science to work for the benefit of society. Being chosen as one of the Make it in Great Britain '30 Under 30' gives me the opportunity to describe what a career in manufacturing is really about. If you want to make society better, you should consider a career in manufacturing as one of the most rewarding ways to do it.
22/08/2012 17:17 BST