Sam Branson

Founder and chairman, Sundog Pictures

Sam Branson, the founder and chairman of Sundog Pictures, is passionate about integrating documentary content and social media to inspire, and engage.

His vision for the future of multi-platform content extends beyond television, and he is also an investor in the likes of Twitter, Charts Now and Target Data.
Why Striving in Life Is

Why Striving in Life Is Important

By setting yourself goals in life you learn an incredible amount and you get a sense of fulfilment and pride. Even the journey getting there, the ups and the downs makes you feeling motivated and positive. There is a constant feeling of reward. Knowing you have believed in yourself enough to set yourself goals requires self-worth and along the way you gain many attributes including resilience, communication and team building qualities - life skills that are so important and the foundation to becoming a healthy, happy and productive individual.
02/05/2014 18:13 BST