Shadi-Sade Sarreshtehdarzadeh

Bipolar blogger/Advertising Strategist/Film fanatic/Animal enthusiast

Shadi - ˈʃaɪdi [shar-dee]:
- noun
1. A Fox Squirrel: small, catlike animals, generally found feral and considered impossible to domesticate. The Fox Squirrel is feisty, playful, and affectionate. Fox squirrels may be relatively stubborn, but are also said to be patient. They may have sudden bursts of energy, intercepted with long periods of sleep. Known to be loyal companions. See Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind for more information.
2. A sassy Iranian with a very long name
3. A sufferer of Bipolar
4. Lover of cats, cats, history, cats, feminism, arts, and fluffy animals.

Breaking The Silence: Surviving The Guilt Of Rape

Rape is still one of the lowest reported, and convicted crimes, and in order to change that, we need to come forward and break our silence. We need to stand together, not just as rape survivors, but as communities, and shout that we will not accept the objectification and abuse of our bodies - male or female.
21/08/2016 20:19 BST

Working With Depression

A doctor recently told me that no company will want to hire someone who has prolonged absences, as if I hadn't realised that myself. As if finding a job isn't hard enough, keeping one is even harder. It's a catch 22.
06/05/2015 17:34 BST

Being Bipolar: A Dangerous View on the Illness

You wouldn't tell someone with diabetes not to take their medication, and you shouldn't do that to someone with bipolar either. It is a serious illness that needs to be treated seriously.
05/03/2015 13:53 GMT

Five Alternative Ways to Deal with Anxiety Attacks

For anyone that's encountered one, anxiety attacks are terrifying. You genuinely believe you'll never be able to breathe again, that your mind has convinced your body that your time has come, that it's just not capable of continuing.
17/02/2015 15:29 GMT

The Mathematics of Marriage

For the next 10 minutes I would squeal, pause and catch my breath, catch sight of the ring, and then squeal some more. Repeat x 5. What was odder still, was that I felt some sort of sisterly connection with this girl, even though I don't think I even know her boyfriend/fiancée's name?!
11/02/2015 12:12 GMT

Things You Should You Know About Taking Medication

I thought I was maybe nearing my way to remission. I thought I had got to a point where the illness didn't define my life any more, where it didn't disable me. I thought I had it under control.
03/02/2015 14:49 GMT

Why Everyone Needs a Fluffy Animal This Christmas

Animal-assisted therapy is nothing new, though largely unheard of. Used for varying therapies, from in prisons to deal with aggression to nursing homes to deal with isolation, or, as I have found most handy, to help with depression, the unconditional love of an animal can be a wonderfully soothing thing. Here are seven reasons why you should consider getting a fluffy animal this Christmas:
19/12/2014 05:45 GMT

The A-Z of Bipolar: S-Z

So how do you solve a problem like bipolar? Therapy, medication, exercise, amongst other things. I can't vouch for medication and exercise ('cos I never do any), but therapy is wonderful...once you find the right therapist.
26/11/2014 12:03 GMT

The A-Z of Bipolar: K-R

If we're ever going to be able to defeat prejudice and make mental illness a less taboo subject, there's going to need to be a clearer understanding of it. Here's part two of my A-Z guide to the unifying aspects of the illness.
18/11/2014 13:29 GMT

The A-Z of Bipolar: A-J

It's a complicated subject - it can mean different things for different people, it isn't talked about anywhere near enough, and there's often an overly simplified, one-sided portrayal of it in the media. If we're ever going to be able to defeat prejudice and make mental illness a less taboo subject, there's going to need to be a clearer understanding of it.
12/11/2014 17:41 GMT

How to Deal With the Season of S.A.D

With the clocks going back this week, the season of S.A.D is upon us, and with that comes a surge in diagnosis. Seasonal affective disorder is type of depression that comes with the changing seasons, hitting at the same time every year, usually in the dark depths of winter. It's estimated to affect about two million people in the UK.
26/10/2014 17:40 GMT

Why This Halloween I'll Be Celebrating Mental Illness

One in seven of rotten tomatoes top horror films list are directly about mental illness - though more could be argued to have roots in the topic - films about possession for example, which was originally derived from a fear of the different.
22/10/2014 12:34 BST

What the Great Depression Teaches Us About Ourselves

Could it be that we are our happiest in the toughest times? That when the going gets rough, we band together and find comfort in others? One of my favourite films is Silver Linings Playbook (not just because of the bipolar element). The overall message of the film, unsurprisingly, is that if you work your hardest, you have a shot at a silver lining.
09/10/2014 11:24 BST

Eight Reasons Why I'm Proud to Be Bipolar

Having suffered with bipolar for near 10 years, I can safely say it's a tough battle and on the whole a mostly negative experience. I've spent much of the last decade feeling ashamed of who I am, not merely because of the illness itself, but largely thanks to the public and media perception of what it is to have bipolar disorder.
05/10/2014 23:35 BST