Veronica Montgomery

Marketing Consultant

Veronica started her career in publishing, working for the Royal College of Nursing. She then moved across the fence to the advertising agency world where she was a Director at Kingsway Advertising in London who specialised in health. She then moved the Caribbean island of Barbados, where she organised the Virgin Holidays Music Festival in Barbados for 5 years. She is a Director at Madd Monty Productions, a marketing agency that specialise in new technologies such as apps, augmented reality, interactive TV and social media. For the past 12 years Veronica has marketed Barbados Fertility Centre and regularly blogs on the subject of infertility and it's social impact.
The Babies We Think Of Every Day But Never

The Babies We Think Of Every Day But Never Knew

October marks Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month - a time to grieve the babies who we lost and to raise awareness to let the one in four women know that they are not alone in their pain.
18/10/2017 12:00 BST
Thankful For Every Day After

Thankful For Every Day After Cancer

October 1, 2008 is a day that I will never forget. I was sat down, handed a box of tissues and told that I had Stage 1 cervical cancer. Time stood still, I remember every detail of the Dr's office in Barbados and never had home in the UK felt so far away.
19/04/2017 14:48 BST
For All The Babies That We Never Got To

For All The Babies That We Never Got To Hold

Other MP's followed describing their own personal experience of both pregnancy loss and infant loss, this subject was not just a female problem as the male MP's also had stories to share, which were heartbreaking.
21/10/2016 12:24 BST
Desperate to Be a Dad? Read

Desperate to Be a Dad? Read On...

Male factor affects one in twenty men, so is actually very common, around 90% of cases that we treat will require intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). This procedure requires fewer normal sperm than nature and the sperm is injected directly in to the egg to fertilize.
15/06/2016 16:45 BST
My Year-Long Tinder Experiment: All Mouth and No Trousers -

My Year-Long Tinder Experiment: All Mouth and No Trousers - Literally!

A lot of men get confused between a dating app and a sex line, there are too many to mention who start off with polite conversation and when you exchanged numbers the first message on What's App is a selfie of them in the bathroom mirror with a pair of bulging Calvin Klein's, some even ditch the boxers and go straight for the kill - what are they thinking?
31/12/2014 16:34 GMT
Growing Trend of IVF Patients Seeking Help

Growing Trend of IVF Patients Seeking Help Overseas

Couples can wait up to two years if they qualify for a free round of IVF with their local NHS Trust, but the qualifying criteria varies, and usually excludes couples if one of the partners has a child already, can be age dependent for the female and is basically down to funding, which can run out at anytime regardless of where you are on the waiting list.
13/11/2014 17:53 GMT
How Would You Like Your

How Would You Like Your Eggs?

When you look at the facts, perhaps it's not such an odd concept for women in their 20's to think about freezing their eggs now and having a much better chance of conceiving with these younger fresher eggs in later life. It's something that wasn't available 10 years ago and women who are struggling with infertility now would do anything to turn back the clock to their more fertile years.
21/02/2014 18:03 GMT
Topless for Breast

Topless for Breast Cancer

So I was wandering around the supermarket last November when I received a call asking if I was willing to take part in a topless photo shoot! "Err, OK" was my feeble response but the more I learned about the project, the more I wanted to get involved. And I was not alone, I was joined by women the length and breast (pun intended) of the country!
17/06/2013 00:04 BST
The Biological Clock Really Is

The Biological Clock Really Is Ticking!

It seems a lot of women are unaware that they are born with all of their eggs and as time goes on this supply eventually runs out, there is a marked decrease in ovulation by the time a woman reaches 35 as the body clings to the reserves of its egg supply. Women are delaying starting a family until much later in life, our parents generation had children in their 20's, which today we consider to be very young to start a family.
09/05/2013 17:42 BST
That Ginger Kid on the Loop Pedal is Very

That Ginger Kid on the Loop Pedal is Very Good!

Famous last words from Jay Carter of <a href="" target="_hplink">Newrising</a>, when they were booked to play <a href="" target="_hplink">David Goo</a>'s open mic night at the Cross Kings in Kings Cross back in 2009. Fast forward three years and this 21-year-old, who is indeed drenched in talent has been a constant feature in the charts since last September.
26/06/2012 14:49 BST
How to Start Your Own Music Festival - in

How to Start Your Own Music Festival - in Barbados

Most people have crazy ideas after a few drinks, laugh it off the next day and move on, but not us, my background is PR & marketing and Steve's background before running bars was exhibition design and build, so the next day we weren't laughing, we were putting together a budget for flights, hotels, transport, stages, lighting and sound.
04/10/2011 23:07 BST
Why Many UK Couples Go Overseas for

Why Many UK Couples Go Overseas for IVF

The British public are realising that there is an alternative to NHS waiting lists and are packing their suitcases and jetting off all over the world in search off better treatment at a lower cost than paying for private healthcare in the UK.
22/09/2011 17:24 BST