Vishesh Kochher

Founder of Koch & Co., a men's footwear company that produces Goodyear welted shoes that are made to last. Based in Berlin.

Each pair of Koch & Co. shoes are designed with simplicity in mind. In an age of mass production and overwhelming choice, our focus is on the luxury of possessing the ultimate basics, that have been carefully designed and made using centuries of refinement and skill.

Our shoes are made using Goodyear welted construction, which means with proper care and attention, they can last for years while developing a beautiful patina over time. We use full grain leather for the uppers, Argentinian vegetable tanned leather for the sole and a soft, calf leather for the lining. When combined, these materials provide maximum support and durability and become more comfortable with each wear.

Why Every Man Should Invest In Quality Shoes

<img alt="sustainable fashion.jpg" src="" width="300" height="35" /> A cheap suit can be tailored to fit better. A shirt that isn't quite right can go under a terrific jacket. An inexpensive tie when matched with a pocket square can be fine. But cheap shoes are a different matter. Rubber soles are noticeable and wear badly. Low-quality leather both hurts your feet and age poorly.
12/09/2016 14:09 BST

Four Classic Dress Shoes Every Man Should Invest In

Times have changed since 2006, and looking today at the global (rather than just American) marketplace, those numbers may or may not still be accurate - but this is the most recent study conducted, and offers and interesting point of departure to discuss what shoes men need, will wear, and will yield the highest value.
26/08/2016 11:24 BST