30/11/2018 06:00 GMT

5 Cute Animals To End The Week: Buster Gets A Festive Job And Cat Ruins Everything

A great week all round.

This week we’ve been mesmerised by Knickers the cow who is, excuse the pun, an absolute beefcake.

At 194cm tall and 1.4 tonnes, the Australian steer has been spared a trip to the abattoir because he’s simply too big. Instead, he’ll live out his days in a cattle paddock in Western Australian, where he is a “coach” to the others, showing them where to roam and graze. Ledge.


Since the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the cow world shot to fame, there’s been much debate over whether he’s actually that big or, as the Washington Post puts it, if he’s simply standing in a field with a load of Danny DeVitos. 

“The big cow is a lie,” the publication declared. But Nick Evershed wrote for the Guardian that the steer is “actually quite large” and pointed out that he’s 8.7cm shorter than the world record holding steer, Bellino, and is 4cm taller than the tallest (female) cow, Blosom. To summarise: he’s still a big boy.

Now that’s settled, here are some other animals we’ve been digging this week.

1. This Cat’s Overzealous Approach To Hunting

Jim had been stalking something for a while, he’d got the low posture and the slow creeping leg movements down to a tee.

But then Keith came along and ruined everything.

2. Lizard Loses Fight Against Table

Poor Iggy the Iguana just wanted to eat his salad leaves in peace. Sadly the marble table had other plans. (Note: Iggy is ok after his fall. You can follow him - and watch him devour a plate of strawberries - on Insta here.)

3. This Dog Loves His Birthday Song

Millie Gamble wasn’t around for her dog’s second birthday, so she sent him a recording of her singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and he absolutely loved it. Just look at that face.

4. This Cat Couldn’t Care Less About Being Told He’s Fat

Mr Tinkles loves his Felix pouches and he DGAF about no chart.

5. Dog Becomes Tesco’s Official Treat Tester

Buster the dog has landed the world’s best job (for dogs, that is). The Jack Russell and Pug cross is Tesco’s official canine toy and treat tester. It comes after the retailer reported a 70 per cent rise in dog present gifting at Christmas.

Buster’s owner, who is also Tesco’s pet category range manager Annika Johnston, said: “The more he wags his tail and the longer he barks then the more likely I am to get these toys and treats on Tesco shelves.”

Keep wagging that tail, doggo.

Buster has the new nickname 'Santa Paws'

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