5 Cute Animal Stories To End The Week: The Heatwave Edition

For most of us it's been too hot to handle – but some members of the animal kingdom found superb workarounds.

With the scorchio weather almost behind us (hi weekend rain!), it seems only fitting to devote this entire piece to animals having fun in the sun – but safely, of course.

1. Every Dog Has Its Dip.

Dogs + paddling pools = complete and utter joy.

2. Dogs Used Their Specially-Evolved Puppy Eyes For One Thing (And One Thing Only).

To relinquish their humans of all fans.

3. Cat Found A Rather Unusual Way To Keep Cool.

Because what’s comfier than a watermelon?

4. Icepacks Were Dusted Off, Up And Down The Country.

What else would we use them for?

5. Cats And Dogs Were Caught Planking In The Heat.

Whatever works for you, guys.

Oh, And Here Are Some Bonus Piggies.

Licking ice lollies, of course.

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