Alison Hammond Finally Clears Up Our 1 Big Question About Her Iconic Beyoncé Interview

Did she or didn't she?
Alison Hammond interviewing Beyoncé more than 15 years ago
Alison Hammond interviewing Beyoncé more than 15 years ago

Those who’ve only recently discovered the majesty that is Alison Hammond’s presenting style in the last few years may well have been given in education this past week after her interview with none other than Beyoncé began doing the rounds online.

Alison actually crossed paths with the Queen Bey in the mid-2000s, around the release of the Grammy winner’s hit album I Am… Sacha Fierce.

In the video, which resurfaced online this past week, Alison was seen challenging an eager Beyoncé to a game of Connect 4, with the Texas Hold ’Em singer coming out on top.

“You let me win!” Bey proclaimed at the end of the game, and while Alison protested to the contrary… we’ve kind of always assumed that she did. It is Beyoncé we’re talking about, after all.

However, in a new behind-the-scenes video posted on This Morning’s Instagram account, Alison maintained she put up a fair fight.

“You know you’re all over the internet again, don’t you?” co-host Dermot O’Leary asks in the clip.

“It’s from not the Tik-ing and the Tok-ing and the dancing and the breaking vases… actually, it’s a throwback to the time you played a certain game with Beyoncé.”

When Alison recalled that the segment didn’t go in her favour at the time, Dermot finally asked the question we’ve always pondered, saying: “Did you deliberately lose to Beyoncé?”

“No I didn’t,” Alison insisted. “I wanted to win! I wanted to win – but she beat me. She was good.”

Dermot then challenges Alison to another game, which you can check out for yourself in the clip below:

Throughout her years at This Morning, Alison has rubbed shoulders with everyone from Harry Styles, Lady Gaga and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to Tom Cruise and Britney Spears.

However, it’s her interview with Harrison Ford that brought her to many people’s attention – charming the Star Wars legend so much that she became his only UK interview for a different project years later.


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