05/12/2018 17:12 GMT | Updated 05/12/2018 17:59 GMT

Awkward Scenes As The Trumps Join The Obamas And Clintons At George HW Bush’s Funeral


Donald and Melania Trump have arrived at the funeral for former US President George HW Bush.

The First couple were seated in the front row at the Washington National Cathedral in Washington – right next to former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and former first ladies Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

A stony-faced Trump allowed his wife to greet his predecessors, waiting until he was seated before offering a hand to each of the Obamas. No such gesture was offered to the Clintons, both of whom remained looking straight ahead.


Kevin Lamarque / Reuters
President Trump sits with former presidents Obama, Clinton and Carter at state funeral for former US President George HW Bush at Washington National Cathedral