20/01/2017 13:24 GMT | Updated 20/01/2017 13:24 GMT

Newborn Baby Helped Dad Propose To Mum Just Hours After Being Born

'So this happened tonight...'

A newborn baby helped his dad propose to his mum when he was just a few hours old.

Darick Mead, from Nebrasksa, US, dressed his newborn son Ryder in a vest with a handwritten slogan that read: “Mummy, will you marry my daddy?”

Mead covered his son’s vest by wrapping him in a blanket, so his wife-to-be, Susan Medina, would be surprised when she saw it. 

Medina said yes and shared the adorable moment on Twitter on 14 January. 

The tweet had nearly 12,000 likes within six days of being posted.

“I’ve had a lot of mums message me and give me tips on motherhood as well,” she told BuzzFeed News. “They’re all super nice, so I think I’ll have some new mum friends.”

Mead explained that the nurses and doctors were all involved in the secret proposal. They took Ryder away to “check on him”, but instead were changing him into his vest. 

People on Twitter found the proposal idea adorable.

Medina has since updated her new followers on Twitter about her life as a new mum and fiancée.

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